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Our Mission Statement:

COR Safety Inc. is committed to providing small business owners in Canada with superb and personal safety service.

COR Safety Inc. our Mission is to see workplace incidents and injuries decrease through providing our clients with the highest quality safety manuals which will enable them to start their company's safety programs, and start COR process with their local Construction Safety Association.

Our Focus is to work with industry and governing bodies to ensure our customers and clients are receiving the most current and pertinent information to support them in creating a safe and accident free working environment, and achieving Certificate of Recognition for Safety (COR).

Who is Your NCSO?

Selena Gafic is a Nationally Certified Safety Officer through Alberta Construction Safety Association, and founder of COR Safety Inc. Each, and every safety manual sold by COR Safety Inc. is created by a safety officer, and personally reviewed by Selena Gafic, NCSO.

Selena's beginnings in safety start all the way back in 1998 when she received her first safety assignment as the person in charge of maintaining MSDS records for a small unit of workers at a Boeing plant in Winnipeg, MB.

Forward a few years, to Calgary where the next safety assignment presented itself: create and maintain a safety program for a fencing company Friendly Earth.

Forward a few more years, and an even more exciting project was available through Specon Construction to manage small renovation projects, and maintain company's safety program as a safety officer, at the Foothills hospital in Calgary.

Selena Gafic obtained a Nationally Certified Safety Officer designation through Alberta Construction Safety Association in 2009.

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Forward a few more years, and COR Safety Inc.
is founded in 2014.