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What is a Safety Manual?

What is Construction Health and Safety Manual?

Our Safety Manuals are custom made for each client, created specifically for your company needs.

Our Safety Manuals will satisfy small (SECOR/ under 10 employees), and large (COR / over 10 employees) employer Certificate of Recognition requirements.

Each Health and Safety Manual contains the sections required by your local Construction Safety Association (CSA), to create a Safety Program.

Each Safety Manual is customized specifically to your company, and delivered to you via email.
The file you will receive is in Word format, so that you can easily print as many copies of the safety manual as you may need.

It is recommended you keep copies of Safety Manuals in:

Main Office
Lunch Room
Every Company Vehicle
This will ensure that all your workers have access to company Safety Manual at all times, when on job-site or main office.

Why Buy a Safety Manual?

Every company needs a Safety Manual.

Health and Safety Manuals are needed to:

  • Start the process for obtaining COR (Certificate of Recognition) with your local Construction Safety Association
  • Ensure Safety of your workers
  • Ability to bid on Government Projects, by showing you have a recognized Safety Program implemented
  • Qualify for Savings on your Provincial Worker Insurance costs (WCB or WorkSafeBC, etc..) by obtaining COR certification. You could save up to 10% depending on your industry code!
  • Protect your company against lawsuits for unsafe work practices, by properly documenting your safety activities.

Unsure how to set up your safety program?

Contact us, as we can help!

Safety Manual Contents:

Safety Manual Contents:

Company Name Cover Page

1Safety Manual Contents:

  • Company Safety Policy

2Hazard Assessment

  • Hazard Assessment Checklist
  • Hazard Assessment Corrective Action Report

3Safe Work Practices

  • Safe Job Practice – Customized
  • Safe Job Practice – Customized
  • Safe Job Practice – Customized
  • Safe Job Practice – Customized
  • Safe Job Practice – Customized
  • Safe Job Practice – Customized
  • Safe Work Practices Annual Review Form

3BSafe Job Procedures

  • Safe Job Practice – Customized
  • Safe Job Practice – Customized
  • Safe Job Practice – Customized
  • Safe Job Practice – Customized
  • Safe Job Practice – Customized
  • Safe Job Procedure – Create Procedure Form
  • Safe Job Procedure – Annual Review Form


  • Company Rules
  • Employee Warning Report


  • PPE Policy

6Preventative Maintenance

  • Preventative Maintenance Policy
  • Equipment Safety Inspection Form
  • Equipment Safety Inspection Corrective Action
  • Equipment Mileage Sheet


  • Training Policy
  • New Employee Orientation Form
  • Safety Meeting / Toolbox Meeting Form


  • Inspection Policy
  • Worksite Safety Inspection Form


  • Investigation Policy
  • Investigation Report
  • Investigation Witness Statement

10Emergency Preparedness

  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan
  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures
  • Emergency Phone Numbers
  • Emergency Response Drill

11Records and statistics

  • Annual Training Summary
  • Annual Injury Summary
  • Annual Safety Activity Summary


  • Environmental Policy

13Maintaining Health and Safety Certification

  • Maintaining Certification Requirements

14Contracting Organization Forms

  • Contracting Organization H&S Questionnaire

15First Aid

  • First Aid

16Joint Health and Safety Representative / Committee

  • Joint Health and Safety Representative
  • Joint Health and Safety Committee

17Workplace Violence and Harassment

  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Workplace Bullying and Harassment Policy
  • Workplace Bullying and Harassment Complaint Form
  • Workplace Bullying and Harassment Investigation Form

18Return to Work

  • Alcohol and Drug Policy
  • Return to Work Policy

19Management Review

  • Safety Program Management Review
  • Safety Program Corrective Action Plan

Get COR Certified

1Develop and implement a quality safety program. This simply means that you need a SAFETY MANUAL!
Call us today to purchase your custom safety manual at 604-916-1137

2Register into the COR Program

3Complete all four COR courses

  • Training must be completed by at least one full time permanent employee or a combination of full time employees
  • Principles of Health & Safety Management
  • Auditor Training
  • Leadership for Safety Excellence
  • Train-the-trainer course

4Undergo & Pass an External Audit Evaluation
This process demonstrates that your health and safety program is achieving the desired results.

To maintain certification, the company must submit a satisfactory internal or external audit annually.


The invoice will be sent to you with your safety manual. Please do not pay the invoice until you are happy with the product you have received. We consider the delivered safety manual a 'first draft'. If you are happy with the first draft we have sent, then feel free to send us a payment.

If you feel that some additions to the Safety Manual would benefit your company, please email us with any changes or additions you would like to see included in your safety manual. The unlimited changes and additions are included in your price. We will add all the changes and additions you request, and resend the 'Final Copy' of the Safety Manual to you. Once you are happy that your Safety Manual is complete to your satisfaction, then and only then send us a payment.