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What is COR™?
The Certificate of Recognition Program (COR™) is an occupational health and safety accreditation program that verifies a fully implemented safety & health program which meets national standards.

The objectives of COR™ are to provide industry employers with an effective safety and health management system to reduce incidents, accidents and injuries as well as their associated human and financial costs.

What is SECOR?:
The SECOR™ is designed to provide small employer contractors of 10 or less employees with the practical solutions for a safer workplace; offering a simple, straightforward approach to safety, helping reduce the human and financial losses implicated with accidents.

The Small Employer Certificate of Recognition Program (SECOR™) is an occupational health and safety accreditation program that verifies a fully implemented safety & health program which meets provincial standards.

The process to obtaining a Certificate of Recognition (COR or SECOR):

♦ Develop and implement a quality safety program. This simply means that you need a SAFETY MANUAL! Call us today to purchase your custom safety manual at 604-916-1137
♦ Register into the COR Program
♦ Regilster into the COR or SECOR Program
Training must be completed by at least one full time permanent employee or a combination of full time employees
Principles of Health & Safety Management
Auditor Training
Leadership for Safety Excellence
Train-the-trainer course
Undergo & Pass an External Audit Evaluation
This process demonstrates that your health and safety program is achieving the desired results.
Once you pass the evaluation you achieve your COR or SECOR Certificate.
To maintain certification, the company must submit a satisfactory internal or external audit annually.

Sections Contained in each Manual are:

1. Company Safety Policy & Safety Responsibilities
2. Hazard Assessments & Control(Customized)
3A. Safe Work Practices (Customized)
3B. Safe Job Procedures (Customized)
4. Company Rules
5. Workplace Bullying and Harassment Program
6. Preventative Maintenance (Customized)
7. PPE (Customized)
8. Training (Customized)
9. Inspections (Customized)
10. Investigations (Customized)
11. Emergency Preparedness
12. First Aid

13. Environmental
14. Hazardous Materials (WHMIS & H2S)
15. Safety Communication (Safety Meetings)
16. Joint Health and Safety Committee
17. Records and Statistics
18. Maintaining Health and Safety Certification
19. Occupational Health
20. Return to work Program
21. Health and Safety System Evaluation (Corrective Action Plan)
22. Management Review (Safety Audit)
23. Short Service Employees & Subcontractors
24. Workplace Violence

You simply need to print all pages, sign and date where indicated and you have a new safety program. Safety Manual will assist you in maintaining safety program by also providing all forms you will require to maintain safety for your workers. Simply print each form once per month and complete the steps to fill it out (complete safety meeting, inspection, fire drill, etc...)

Why should you buy a safety manual and implement your own safety program (COR)?

Directly quoted from WorkSafeBC website: WorkSafeBC is responsible for issuing assessment rebates to COR-certified employers. Employers who earn the OHS COR receive rebates of 10 percent of their WorkSafeBC base assessment. Contact WorkSafeBC to inquire if your business qualifies for a rebate!

How can I guarantee your safety manual will meet your needs and pass Enform and WorkSafeBC requirements? I do not require payment until your safety manual is received, you are happy with it, and it has passed the Enform or WorkSafeBC audit. This way you can obtain a safety manual risk free!

Not sure how to complete an Audit Evaluation and obtain COR certificate? Order the COR / SECOR certification + Audit package and we will take care of the entire process. Contact us for pricing today!

COR Certification + Audit package includes:
Providing a list of forms to be filled out (found in your company Health & Safety Manual).
Collecting all required forms, and confirming they are filled out correctly.
Collecting all required training and other documents to be submitted with the audit.
Filling out internal audit evaluation document for your local construction safety association.
Assembling all documents to be submitted for audit review and Submit the Audit on your behalf.
Follow up as required until internal audit is passed, and COR / SECOR certification obtained.

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