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What is included in the package?

Custom Safety Manual that contains all RAVS, as listed on your ISNetWorld account, and all RAVS questions answered on your ISN account on your behalf.

Custom Safety manual is completely customized with your name, address, procedures and practices relevant to your business.

Safety manual also contains all required sections by ISNetWorld program.

Safety Manual is delivered to your email in MS Word format and PDF (Adobe). You will just need to print the entire document, sign and date where indicated and your safety program will be complete. The copy of the safety manual will also be uploaded to ISNetWorld for their review.

What is ISNetworld?

ISN provides an online contractor management database, ISNetworld, which is designed to meet internal and governmental record keeping and compliance requirements. ISN collects health and safety, procurement, quality and regulatory information. ISN's subject matter experts review and verify this information to assess the accuracy, relevance and timeliness of the data. Connecting Hiring Clients with safe, reliable and sustainable contractors and suppliers around the globe allows these organizations to use ISN as an integral part of their management systems.

What do you need to do?

You will need to create an ISN account, and fill out company information in sections 1 through 4. Once you answer company information on your ISN account additional questions will be posted in your section 5 (RAVS) of ISNetWorld account.

How long does it take?

It will take 5-10 business days to complete your manual, from the time your order and payment is received. You can also order rush processing for a $100 fee - and your manual will be ready in 2 business days. It will take one additional day to answer ISN questions on your ISN account. Once the questions are answered, the final copy of the safety manual will be uploaded to ISNetWorld for review.

ISNetWorld will then take 1-2 weeks to review and approve/verify your account.

To ensure your manual is properly customized to your business, we will need the following information:

1. Your company name, telephone, email and address

2. Short description of what your company does

3. List of equipment, vehicles and tools you use as part of your business operations

4. Any specialty Personal Protective Equipment you use as part of your business operations

5. List of positions within the company (example: driver, receptionist)

6. ISN account login information


7. Attach a photo of your company logo to be inserted on cover page.

Do you just need a few RAVS, and have your own safety manual?

Order new required policies, procedures or forms as needed to pass your RAVS deficiencies on per piece basis:

RAVS deficiencies pricing:

1-3 RAVS deficiencies, $75 each

4-9 RAVS deficiencies, $65 each

10+ RAVS deficiencies, $55 each


All ISNetWorld RAVS in section 5 completed for you are guaranteed:

We will answer all the questions under RAVS section until the RAVS are Verified by ISNetWorld. This way there is no surprise costs to you - you pay one fixed price until your ISNetWorld account is verified and approved.

The delivered custom safety manual is also guaranteed

If you feel that some additions or changes to the Safety Manual would benefit your company, please email us with any changes or additions you would like to see included in your safety manual. The unlimited changes and additions are included in your price. All the changes and additions you request will be added, and the 'Final Copy' of the Safety Manual resent to you.

Why Have a Safety Manual:

With the Safety Manual you can start your own Safety Program by filling out the forms in the manual once per month.

Having a safety manual will also allow you to bid on all jobs requiring a safety program, or obtain ISNetWorld certification.